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Allan Kingdom - Wavey Ft. Spooky Black

"Fuck you think I fuck this for. Fuck you."
-Death Grips | "Birds"

This week in ideal collaboration scenarios: Tink x How To Dress Well - Can I 

This week in ideal collaboration scenarios: 

Tink x How To Dress Well - Can I 

Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai
  • Str8 Outta Mumbai

  • by Jai Paul

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    Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai

    Regardless of whether or not it’s official audio, this Jai Paul record has moved us to act like this dude on the dance floor all summer long. 



yooo so i just baked my own potato chips — i would highly recommend doing this. 

u just take a potato, slice it real thin, like, paper thin.  then u take a pan and put a bit of oil in the pan and then put the slices in and get them all oily,

put some salt, pepper, etc. on then bake for like 10 - 15 mins, just wait until they’re all crispy like they should be getting brown on the edges

a very satisfying snack.  no chemicals, and u can make them to precisely ur own taste 

lol, sorry i have to laugh at the earnestness of this post.  but i really had a fun time and enjoyed the chips.  i also watched true blood while eating the chips and it was a good episode.  relaxing monday

i also laid out a tracklist for my record, its looking good


BIRP August 2013: My Picks



  1. Autoheart - Agoraphobia
  2. Alligator Indian - Corpsing
  3. Supreme Cuts - Envision (ft. Channy From Polica)
  4. Braids - HOSSAK
  5. Born Gold - Hunger
  6. Willow Beats - Incantation
  7. Kal Marks - Life Is Murder
  8. Brick + Mortar - Locked In A Cage
  9. WMNSTUDIES - Make You
  10. Salt Cathedral - Move Along
  11. Figaro - Movin Slowly
  12. Daylighting - Rivers of the Living Dead
  13. Bib - Take My Heart
  14. Friends - The Way
  15. HAIM - The Wire
  16. Wet - U Da Best




I Birp’d supplying the goods as usual. Jam the shit out this month’s playlist, curated as always by Lindsay.


On Saturday, May 25th, Vår and Pharmakon performed together playing selections from their respective albums, No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers and Abandon at The Rink in Brooklyn. I found the show extremely difficult to shoot due to the lack of natural light and being prohibited from using my flash when Loke Rahbek of Vår and Pharmakon would roam around the stage area (I was able to take a couple of photos of Loke before being asked not to use flash). Despite this, I’m quite happy with the results since I started to experiment using lights from other people’s cameraphones (this was done in the first image above).

More photos from the performance are available on Impose Magazine and Flickr.

Vår and Pharmakon are among the best in experimental music, and arguably our current favorite Sacred Bones projects. Striking captures by Edwina Hay

Does anyone else think it’s ironic and/or weird that NPR uses a photo of Danny Brown sticking his tongue out to promote their music channels?

Does anyone else think it’s ironic and/or weird that NPR uses a photo of Danny Brown sticking his tongue out to promote their music channels?

SEGA32x dropped "Life Sucks, Might As Well Give Up" - a new album today that is meant to be an audio representation of the end of a relationship. He’ll be playing at tomorrow for the Datalife/Public Spreads the News album release party.


Watch Lil B perform “I’m God” at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival. 


Really feeling this Jermiah Jae mixtape via Warp Records. It’s like a sequel to MF Doom’s Mm.. Food. Tasty. We like! 

James Brooks (formerly of Elite Gymnastics) has a new project called Dead Girlfriends featuring artwork by Claire Boucher (commonly known as Grimes). Listen to all four songs here.

Pretty good adaptation of “Untrust Us” by Crystal Castles by Capital Children’s Choir. Choir wasn’t like this when we were kids.